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Year 2

Teacher: Miss Boycott

Class name: Cherry Class

Spring Term Topic: 'To Infinity and Beyond!'

  • When were the first moon landings?
  • Which famous astronauts have been to space and when?
  • Are aliens real?
  • Who were the famous explorers from history?

All these questions and more will be answered on our Term 2 mission 'To Infinity and Beyond!'  and introducing 'Bob - The Man on the Moon' by Simon Bartram.

Bob is a very interesting character, who works on the moon. He doesn't believe that aliens exists, even though there is evidence all around him. What do you think? Do you agree with Bob or not?

Some of our adventures will include:-

  • Investigating the properties of 'alien slime'.
  • Studying the 'Starry Night'  painting by Van Gogh.
  • Experiencing a 'star dome'
  • Making moon buggies.

Our mission is certainly going to take us to many new dimensions! Are you ready to blast off?




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