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Year 6

Teacher: Miss Edwards

Class name: Silver Birch Class

Current topic: Can’t See The Wood For The Trees

The Silver Birch Classroom is 'Headquarters' to the B. I. A.: The Birchies Intelligence Agency.   Home to 21 Year 6 Agents, Agent Edwards and Agent Graham, the organisation is training agents in the acquisition of new knowledge and skills which will assist them in the solving the problems of the world and in making their own mark on it.  Agents work collaboratively and support their fellow Agents.  They celebrate being ‘stuck’ as an opportunity to learn something new.  Early studies of ‘Brain Science’ help Agents understand what being stuck is and what strategies are on hand to get ‘unstuck’. 

Agents’ first mission is: Can’t See The Woods For The Trees, a study which will uncover the secret history of the local woodlands before taking us on a global mission to save the orang-utans of the Sumatran forests.

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