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You can make contributions and payments by visiting the on-line payment section. Please see SchoolMoney Parent Guide opposite.

All parents/careers are sent a text message providing a  unique password which will allow them to access the on-line payments section for paying -

School meals - increases to £2.25 a day/£11.25 a week from September 2017

Conker Club

Swimming sessions

Residential  trips

School  activities

Please inform school immediately if you change your mobile telephone number and/or e-mail address.

Outstanding dinner paymentsArrears will automatically show under current SCHOOL DINNERS for you to settle. 

Please note: From September 2017 a school meal will cost £2.25 a day, £11.25 a week.

Snack money: Snacks to be paid for each day. Place cash in a purse marked with your child's name.

Thank you.

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