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School's Mission Statement

Our school family fosters ....

Christian values,

Provides opportunities,

Loves, respects 


nutures everyone.

Our New Beach Themed Library


Noah's Ark Themed Corridor


Values and Ethos

We firmly believe that children learn best when they are happy, fully involved and active. Our school community is shaped by Christian values and we promote a family ethos in all that we do. At Little Sutton school we offer many first hand experiences that will help our children build on their skills in order to prepare them for life in an ever changing world.

"The caring ethos, firmly based on Christian values, enables each child to give of their best, with no fear about making mistakes. These values are exemplified and taught by the staff and lived by all members of the school family, creating a trusting and respectful atmosphere."

[Extracts from SIAMS Inspection, October, 2016]

Celebrating Indian Culture with Vina Ladwa's Mendhi Henna Designs


Problem-solving at the Conway Centre: can we get our team over to the other side?

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